Janet began painting in l996. A dancer by training, her interest in visual arts was initially sparked during an art and movement workshop, conducted by the late American artist, Barbara Mindrell. Since that time, she has continued her training with artists in Toronto, including Brian Burnett and Tina Poplowski.


Artist Statement

I am a dancer, writer and painter. The mediums I use are acrylic and watercolor, combined at times with pastel, and glazing mediums. Recently, I have integrated molding paste and thicker gels, as a way to layer, add texture and create new dimension to the work. My inspiration for painting is landscape and the flow of movement within each one. Some are created in my imagination; others, a culmination of places which I have visited, both here and abroad. The inherent calm, majesty, and the ever-changing rhythms of nature are what carry me forward in my life and artistic endeavors.

Sunset Northern Thailand     Alone in the Dunes   Stream of Sunlight